Christmas Shopping: The Perfect Car for the Person Who Has Everything

2018 Chevy Traverse| Buds Chevy

Christmas is around the corner, and you know the drill. Time to jot down the names of all your loved ones and figure out what you’re getting them for that special day. But what do you do for the people who already buy everything they want? Buy them a car, of course! Here’s how to pick the perfect car for the person who has everything.

  • Dad: Are you tired of Dad’s incessant dad jokes? Give him a new audience. The 2019 Silverado features built-in Apple CarPlay™, so he can spend his afternoon testing his jokes out on Siri instead of you!
  • Mom: What do you get for the woman who took care of you your whole life? After years of minivans and carting kids to soccer practice, she deserves a new 2019 Corvette convertible and a luxurious trip all by herself.
  • Grandma and Grandpa: After all the kids left the nest, it’s likely that Grandma and Grandpa adopted some dogs and cats to keep them company. Get them a 2019 Traverse, which has plenty of room for all their four-legged friends.

All joking aside, we here at Buds Chevrolet Buick wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas or happy holiday, no matter how you celebrate.

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