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History of the Corvette | Buds Chevy | Saint Marys, OH

This September, we have decided to reflect on one of our favorite Chevy models: the Corvette. Explore the history of the Corvette with us below:

  • C1 Corvette: The first Corvette arrived in 1953, producing just 150 horsepower. And when the more potent V8 was introduced in 1955, almost every buyer indicated that they appreciated more power. The C1 generation lasted through 1962.
  • C2 Corvette: Starting in 1963, Chevy introduced the C2 Corvette with a dramatic redesign and the brand new Corvette Sting Ray model. This generation remained through 1967.
  • C3 Corvette: In 1968, Chevy introduced another round of new styling for the Corvette that would last 15 years. The 1970s were years of regulation that led to many restrictions in the Corvette; the convertible was discontinued in 1975 until 1986.
  • C4 Corvette: The C4 Corvette ran from 1984 to 1996; for the ’84 model, Chevy did a complete redesign of the body, chassis, and suspension. The ZR-1 Corvette appeared first in 1990 with a 375-horsepower-rated engine.
  • C5 Corvette: In 1997, Chevy introduced the C5 Corvette; during its reign (in 2001), Chevy delivered the Z06, which first produced 385 horsepower.
  • C6 Corvette: From 2005 to 2013, the C6 Corvette dominated roadways, with engines earning up to 638 horsepower.
  • C7 Corvette: We are currently in the C7 generation of Corvettes.

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