Read These Back-to-School Car Maintenance Tips Before Class Starts

Back-to-School Car Maintenance | Buds Chevrolet | St. Marys, OH

Are you a parent sending your teenager to high school in their own car for the very first time? Perhaps you’re a college student ready to get back to campus after a summer off. Either way, you need to check out these back-to-school car maintenance tips before heading out:

Get your oil changed:

Schedule an oil change at Buds Chevrolet Buick while you have more time on your hands. During your routine oil change, we’ll also rotate your tires

Check your bulbs and wipers:

Visibility is especially important as we head into fall and winter. Make sure your wiper blades aren’t leaving streaks and that your exterior lights aren’t burnt out. If anything needs to be replaced, we can handle that at the dealership during your next maintenance visit.

Inspect your tires:

Are your tires in good enough shape to last you through this school season? If the tread is bare, you might consider replacing them before the winter. Additionally, if you don’t have a vehicle with a tire pressure monitoring system, put reminders in your phone to check your tire pressure regularly throughout the school year.

And remember, buckle up:

This isn’t a maintenance tip, but we would be remiss not to remind all our young drivers to always wear their seatbelts when in a vehicle.

Get your car ready for school by scheduling a maintenance check with our trained technicians at Buds Chevrolet Buick.

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