Why Service Your Car at a Car Dealership

Why Service Your Car at a Car Dealership | Buds Chevrolet Buick | St. Marys, OH

When it comes to routine maintenance and vehicle repairs, you have a few options: you can attempt the maintenance on your own, you can take your vehicle to an independent mechanic, or you can take your car to the dealership, like Buds Chevrolet Buick. So why service your car at a car dealership?

  • Special training

Dealership service technicians have the base level understanding that mechanics in independent shops have, but on top of that, they are specially trained and certified on specific makes. The technicians at Buds Chevrolet Buick are masters at Chevy and Buick vehicles.

  • Special tools and parts:

Because we are affiliated with Chevy and Buick, we as a service bay have access to tools designed by the automakers to be used on your vehicles. We also use Chevy- and Buick-certified parts on your car; a regular mechanic will use generic parts that are not perfect matches.

  • Bigger facility, better customer service:

A dealership’s service bay is larger than that of your independent mechanic, meaning we have more resources and, more importantly, can get to your car’s needs faster. We also are held accountable for customer service by the automakers, so we make keeping our guests happy our number one priority.

The next time your car needs service, schedule an appointment with Buds Chevrolet Buick. Trust your Chevy or Buick to technicians trained to maintain all Chevy and Buick models.

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