Employee Spotlight – Tom Hendricks

Today we’ve got Tom Hendricks in the Buds Chevy Spotlight! Tom is our resident Corvette Specialist! Here are some fun facts we’ve rounded up about Tom, who is also a founding member of the National Corvette Museum, an active NCRS member, and also a member of the NADA Classic Car Appraisal Guide Advisory Board. You can reach Tom in the office from Monday – Wednesday 7am – 6:30 pm; Friday 7am – Noon; and Saturday 7am – 3pm. Call at (800) 688-2837 or shoot Tom an Email!

Birthday: April 21

Buds Work Anniversary: April 1993 – 25 years!

How long in the industry: 34 years

Specialty: Corvettes

Car You Drive Now: Corvettes, Chevelles, Silverado, and a Jeep Wrangler

All-time Favorite / Dream Car: ’69 Corvette L88 – ’70 Chevelle LS6

Hobbies: Anything Outdoors, Collecting toys from the 60s – 70s

Where you grew up: Celina, OH

Favorite Food: Pizza, of course

Favorite Sport / Sports Team: Football – Ohio State

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Blues Brothers / Brady Bunch



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    1. Hi John!
      It’s best to arrive before 9 am. We have cars that show up by 7 or 7:30 am to park on our lot.
      See you soon!

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